Monthly Portfolio
Building Challenge

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Dream Projects

Monthly Portfolio
Building Challenge

Even the best designers struggle to create great portfolios. Dream Projects’ free monthly challenges give you the inspiration you need to build the portfolio you deserve. Reimagine digital experiences for the brands you’ve always dreamed of working on. Gain recognition, learn new skills, and get amazing career coaching, all while creating a portfolio that blows employers away.


Get inspired.
Flex your skills.
Build your portfolio.
Learn from experts.

How It Works

With Dream Projects’ free challenges, you’ll be honing your skills and creating an array of compelling designs that will become centerpieces of your portfolio and bring you closer to landing your next big job.

  • New challenge every month

    Each month we create a fictional brief based around the design needs of a major real world company or organization.
  • Portfolio-building guides

    Along with our brief, we give you a guide to help you develop a design that you’ll be proud to show to potential employers.
  • Expert coaches

    Sign up for a free consultation with one of our career coaches to get guidance, feedback or mentorship.

Hire a coach.
Find a mentor.
Realize dreams.

Our trained coaches will help you navigate your career, build a best-in-class portfolio, prep you for an interview and match you with an amazing mentor who will help you stand out in your desired field.