Project Brief

This, unfortunately, is not your typical Dream Projects Brief. As we speak the world has reached global pandemic status and we need to put our collective brains together to help solve a variety of issues and systematic failures. At Dream Projects our mission is in part to build a better world around us and at times like this, we can think of no better opportunity to let designers do what they do best…solve problems. We are leaving this brief open to any and all ideas to help solve this global crisis and won’t limit you to think inside a specific box. You can explore deficiencies in the health care system, inadequacies in information or resources, or even grander infrastructure problems. Choose a problem to solve and come up with a solution.

As always, demonstrate your ability to think through each part of the experience, consider customer needs and types, create journey maps, app or web architecture, design language systems, and a defined aesthetic style. Your solutions will be shared as far and wide as we can possibly reach.


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Submission Guide

Whether you’re an experienced designer or simply trying to break into the field, your portfolio matters. Your goal is to create a lasting impression on a potential employer with a simple glimpse into your work and brand. Each project has a different story and your portfolio is the place to demonstrate your credibility and understanding of the design process.

The following Template will serve as a blueprint for how to submit your project. Read through the file carefully as it will give you tips to submitting a successful project. Here is a sample of what your project might look like.

Sketch Template Figma Template


Flowkit | User Flow Plugin

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UI8 | Icons, UI Kits, Fonts, etc

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Stock Imagery

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It's not goodbye, it's see you later!

We have decided to sunset our Dream Projects Career Coaching service until we can properly devote our time and attention to this space. We feel passionate about helping young designers achieve their dreams and know that building a great portfolio is the first step. However, it requires a lot of time and attention to each individual and for that we strongly recommend a good career coach.

If you are interested in 1:1 career coaching there are many specialist that can help you one on one. However, if you would like a thoughtful review of your candidacy and some feedback about your resume, portfolio and presentation skills please apply to roles at

Dream Projects Team