Squarespace Studio

Project Brief

Imagine Squarespace is launching a stand-alone app that will enable users to book a professional photographer for their product photography showcased on their personal Squarespace site. Users will start by filling out a project brief, evaluate photographers, send their products to the studio, track the progress of the process, receive assets, give feedback, pay, and rate their experience.

The user can choose between regular, 360 and AR photography assets to be created by the photographer.

Demonstrate your ability to think through each part of the experience, consider customer needs and types, create journey maps, app architecture, design language systems and a new aesthetic style that feels on-brand.

This is a hypothetical product and Squarespace is not developing it.


Image Formats



2400px × 1800px

File Size

less than 5MB

Submission Guide

Whether you’re an experienced designer or simply trying to break into the field, your portfolio matters. Your goal is to create a lasting impression on a potential employer with a simple glimpse into your work and brand. Each project has a different story and your portfolio is the place to demonstrate your credibility and understanding of the design process.

The following Template will serve as a blueprint for how to submit your project. Read through the file carefully as it will give you tips to submitting a successful project. Here is a sample of what your project might look like.

Sketch Template Figma Template


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