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When it comes to landing your Dream Job, the right coach or mentor can make all the difference. You want a professional you can trust, feedback you can use, and expert advice from someone who's been there.

At Dream Projects, we take the time to understand your unique needs and goals, and connect you with someone who can help you develop the skills to achieve the career you’ve been dreaming of.

Our trained coaches will help you navigate your career, build a best -in-class portfolio, prep you for an interview and match you with an amazing mentor.

Where our coaches and mentors work, and where our clients have gone on to work


These are some of the services we can offer to help shape you into a rockstar candidate.

  • Timothy McAullife

    Creative Lead
  • Erin LeForce

    Work & Co.
    Design Lead
  • Adam Perlis

  • Kelly Milner

    Head of Recruiting
  • Katherine Wong

    Fantasy Interactive
    Sr. UX Designer
  • Sergio Vilatimo

    Fmr. CD
  • Aliya Maria Baptista

    Interaction Designer
  • Joshua Williams


Feedback from the Pros

We will provide direct unfiltered feedback to shape you into a stand out candidate.

Portfolio Reviews

We will go into the nitty gritty details of your portfolio helping you shape your case studies, provide design guidance, and advise on what platforms to build on.

Interview Prep

We will prepare you for your next interview. Our expert team will utilize our collective industry knowledge to generate questions and help you develop answers so that you can expect the unexpected.

Career Advice

Learn how to write a great LinkedIn introduction or cover letter, the proper etiquette for introducing yourself in any scenario, techniques to boost your personal brand, how to make the most of networking opportunities, how to build an amazing freelance career or how to negotiate the salary you deserve.

Who this is for

Our coaches and mentors are trained to help jobseekers at every level.

  • Career Switchers

    Are you debating between what programs to choose from? What skills to learn? Where your passions lie or what career path you should take? We can help with all of that.
  • Recent Graduates

    Did you just graduate from a program and are now struggling to find your first job? We can help you standout from a crowded marketplace.
  • Experienced Practicioners

    Have you been in the field for a while and are now thinking about your next move or how to get a promotion? Our team can help you learn how to position yourself for your next big move.
  • Managers

    Are you managing a team and ready for your next challenge at the director level? We can help you prep for your interviews, advise on how to build your personal brand and provide insider tips on specifc roles.

How it works

Our trained staff will work with you to create a custom program to get you help get you to your next career milestone.

Assessment & Planning

Our coaches will assess your career goals, passions, skillset, and experience. Then, we'll work together to formulate a clear, customized plan of action designed to get you closer to your dream job.

20 Min Session
Focus & Execution

Our coaches help you identify and address the biggest roadblocks standing in the way of the career you want. From perfecting your portfolio to writing a killer LinkedIn bio, to learning how to approach hiring managers, our coaches will give you the uniquely tailored attention, feedback, and support you need to stand out in a crowded field.

50 Min Session(s)
Mentor Matching

Our coaches will match you with a mentor with specific expertise that aligns with your skillset and style. Our mentors come from the top companies in the world and will advise you on the specifics of what to expect in an interview and how to tell a great story.

Interview Prep

Coaches will help you prep for an interview by grilling with you questions. Our expert coaches will work with you to formulate strong responses and how to expect the unexepcted. In some cases we will provide insider tips on what a particular company’s interview process is like.

50 Min Session(s)
Salary Negotiations

Our expert coaches have negotiated salaries from the other side of the table at some of the biggest companies in the world. They will teach you how to navigate complex negotations and get what you deserve.

50 Min Session


Coaches follow a structured and formal approach to help you achieve your career goals. They will be your guide throughout the process and help you understand your passions, identify your strengths and weaknesses, give you ideas of different careers paths to follow and provide you with a clear plan of actionable steps to improve your chances of getting a job. Your coach will help match you with a mentor who fits perfectly with your career goals and learning style.


Mentors are experienced industry professionals who are focused on providing you with specific, individually-tailored guidance, motivation, and emotional support. They will provide clear and direct feedback with actionable next steps based on their own personal, real-life experiences in your desired field.

Coming out of a UX Bootcamp, I knew there would be gaps in my skill and career development. The Dream Projects Team has helped me fill in those gaps and improve as a designer, recognizing areas of weakness, and providing actionable steps I could take to turn them into strengths.”

The Dream Projects Team gave me a wonderful guide on how to not only solve a design problem but also explore my creativity in building something I hoped people would enjoy. They challenged me as a designer and as someone pursuing a career transition into UX/UI design and provided me with great, advice, guidance and tasks to hone my skills and represent myself in the most attractive manner possible.”

The Dream Projects Team provided me with direction in my career and how best to pair skills from my previous career with my new UX skillset. Together, we have refined my portfolio and my job search, allowing me to feel more confident moving forward. They have been available for me whenever I needed them and are always thorough and thoughtful with their feedback.”


Book an appointment with one of our career coaches.


  • 1 session (20 Min)
  • Career Stage Assessment
  • Career Advice
  • Customized Plan of Action


  • 1 session (50 Min)
  • Choose:
  • Career Advice
  • High-Level Portfolio Review
  • Single Project Porfolio Review
  • Interview Prep


  • 1 session (20 Min)
  • Career Stage Assessment
  • Career Advice
  • Customized Plan of Action


  • 1 session (50 Min)
  • Choose:
  • Career Advice
  • High Level Portfolio Review
  • Single Project Porfolio Review
  • Interview Prep


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We have decided to sunset our Dream Projects Career Coaching service until we can properly devote our time and attention to this space. We feel passionate about helping young designers achieve their dreams and know that building a great portfolio is the first step. However, it requires a lot of time and attention to each individual and for that we strongly recommend a good career coach.

If you are interested in 1:1 career coaching there are many specialist that can help you one on one. However, if you would like a thoughtful review of your candidacy and some feedback about your resume, portfolio and presentation skills please apply to roles at

Dream Projects Team