Alana Vaccaro

March 2020




  • App Design
  • UX/UI
  • Product Design
  • Prototyping
  • UX/UI



The world has reached global pandemic status with COVID-19. Our health care system has many inadequacies related to pandemic preparedness for Community Health Workers and the populations they serve. With inaccurate information circulating about COVID-19, community members don’t know how to respond.


Through research, I discovered Community Health Workers are often unequipped to meet community needs due to lack of training and resources. Additionally, Community Health Workers need to communicate resources and information to community members, and often face barriers with communication.


To bridge the gap between Community Health Workers and the populations they serve, I designed a mobile app which would provide the tools and resources for both Community Health Workers and community members to prepare and endure for COVID-19.


To begin, I researched existing tools and resources for Community Health Workers and how government organizations like the CDC provide information on COVID-19 and how to prepare. With the insight I gained into existing toolkits, I learned how the structure of the app should behave; three different versions for Community Health Worker Supervisors, Community Health Workers, and community members. Additionally, if the purpose of the app is to bridge the gap between Community Health Workers and the community, then the app should provide resources and information, a chat feature, and community wide alerts from health officials and Community Health Workers. CHW’s can register their clients in the system and provide them with a unique id so they can register through the app. If a client were to use the chat feature, they could communicate directly with the CHW. This could also allow routine checkups where information could be stored.

Design System

For BridgedHealth, I wanted to provide information in a digestible manner, allowing a user to feel more at ease during a stressful time. If a user is using the app, they are most likely an underrepresented part of the population and are already facing lots of challenges. By using positive imagery, bright and bold colors, and Poppins as my font (which has a playful feel), I aimed to alleviate some of the fear and stress. Additionally, by having the information primarily be image based, it makes it more accessible regardless of ethnicity or age. All supporting information is taken from the CDC’s website and the user can quickly access it by a link. Moving forward, I would like to have more detailed illustrations and animations with sounds made specifically for BridgedHealth. My goal is to make Bridged Health available for free to counties and organizations so they can adopt it and cater it to their specific needs.

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