Kyu Hee (Jasmin) Yang

March 2020




  • App Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Product Design
  • UX/UI
  • UX/UI



As the world has reached global pandemic status with the novel COVID-19, America is struggling with shortage of tests which results in flawed statistics.


The limited number of testings create difficulty in understanding the course of the disease. With shortage of tests and ambiguity of the future, fear and worry is increasing amongst Americans day by day. Therefore, the participation of everyone will help to form a pathway of information.


1. Provide a platform for healthcare providers to gather data on patients who have yet to be tested for COVID-19, while affectively providing reliable medical advice. 2. Provide users with access to prompt notifications from their state jurisdictions to stay up to date with safety precautions.


My research began by keeping up to date with the news, and conducting interviews with residents living in high risk states. Due to limited number of tests, public health officials have missing gaps of information on how far the virus has spread in the US; the collection of data is vital as it will enable healthcare providers to take further steps in focusing on preventative measures. To close this gap, I created a bridging platform for users to share information with their healthcare providers using a simple questionnaire. Once completed, users can share their results with their primary care doctor for assessment. If the results show that the patient will need to be tested, the app can guide them in selecting available options. Personalized QR codes are available within the app for healthcare providers to deliver test results in a quick and efficient manner. The implementation of the alert notification system will provide them with reliable and accurate news updates.

Design System

I started with an intention to create a design that conveyed care, reliability, privacy and convenience. With that in mind, I wanted to create an interface that invoke feelings of trust and hope. As an user may be feeling anxious and fearful, the color palette i have deliberately chosen is intended to invoke feelings of happiness. Simple yet effective use of tabs allow for easy navigation through a seemingly intimidating and time consuming process. As the product is intended to cater to all people with diverse background and age groups, various options are available for users to adjust their preferred settings, such as the “Preferred Language” options as well as options to adjust font sizes.

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