Dan Smith

April 2020




  • Product Design
  • User Research
  • UX Design



The COVID pandemic is a containment crisis with an inadequate number of tests and monitoring system. Containment is the main priority, however there is no current solution for collecting location and contact history. How can we contain if we don’t know who has been in contact with COVID?


Through research I found that users were open to share location data and contacts securely in exchange for joining a testing waitlist based on priority. In addition, users wanted a single point to access reliable COVID updates.


An app that exchanges user location and contact data for a virtual COVID screening and testing waitlist based on screening results. After being screened on the platform, users’ results determine their waitlist number. Data is used to monitor and inform other users of potential contact with COVID.


I began by first understanding if users were comfortable sharing location and contact data. Survey results showed comfortable or somewhat comfortable with sharing data. Noticing how people share helpful and reliable resources related to COVID, I wanted to build a platform that stressed the importance of sharing its function as testing and containment. I built personas based on users who may be at risk but unsure if they are infected. This determined the user flow and goals. The main function was testing and data collection, however the app needs to remain installed for future notification thus an additional COVID update function was added based on the survey feedback.

Design System

Accessibility was important to address early due to COVID being a cross generational problem. I designed simple wireframe layouts for ease of access. I focused on using calming blues accented with familiar COVID colors. Seeing as the data collection function is behind the scenes, I focused on showing the screening function. Based on the user flow, I build out a screening function following the CDC guidelines. After the screen, users are given their results that informs their spot on the virtual consult and drive-thru testing waitlist. As more people who screen with higher priority, the algorithm will move people around accordingly thus the importance of having a waitlist update panel on the home screen. The COVID updates feature found on the home screen pulls reliable news from local, national and global sources. The map tab pulls data from the current John Hopkins COVID data collection shared on GitHub. The prevention tab include CDC directions for personal and community prevention.

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