Gabriela Damato

April 2020




  • Branding
  • Interaction Design
  • Product Design
  • UI Design



In the age of Coronavirus our global identity is being re-invented in real time. Those experiencing tragic loss are small businesses, artisans, craftspeople, and creatives. They thrive on new business, often walking a fine line between survival and permanent closure.


Our current political climate in conjunction with a global pandemic has lead to a serious reservation of consumer spending. Online shopping has slowed, interpersonal services frozen, businesses are targeted by racism and unhealthy assumptions. Yet in the midst of negativity, there is generosity.


Prolific is a community born out of Coronavirus, meant for the longterm sustainment of unlikely human connections. Prolific is a social network for creators and consultants of all kinds. The difference? It's tran$action free.


The best way to gain meaningful insight at a time like this is through the conduction of in-person interviews. I wanted to make sure I could capture the thoughts of individuals with a range of skills, however abstract or technical. Could a nutritionist value their effort in the same way as a photographer? How could they list their skills in a way that someone with little experience in the area could discover? How could I add elements of personality and credibility to their user details? Most importantly, could I design a foolproof onboarding flow that helps users understand the product and align with it's mission and use-intent? Key Takeaways: - Users want to guarantee they are getting a worthy trade. - Users want to review each other's services. - Users want to list skills that apply to their primary work industry and their personal interests. How could one product encourage bravery and selfless generosity, the same virtues that people conjure to start businesses of thier own?

Design System

I often jump into the design process as early as possible. A brand identity that reflects the product's message can help pave the way for a system's whole. Much like the social community I've built, I wanted to the design system to sit on a new frontier. A contemporary serif paired with legible body text. Bold colorways and editorial photography fit for your favorite coffee table magazine. I still choose to respect traditional UI elements for recognizability and ease of use. My goal would be to make the user experience delightfully easy. Bold Typography frames page elements and user tiles are tidy and organized in the search experience without suppressing the plentitude of a user's skill. Thanks so much to BlazeType, Adobe Fonts, and Unsplash for the (nearly) open source design experience.

It's not goodbye, it's see you later!

We have decided to sunset our Dream Projects Career Coaching service until we can properly devote our time and attention to this space. We feel passionate about helping young designers achieve their dreams and know that building a great portfolio is the first step. However, it requires a lot of time and attention to each individual and for that we strongly recommend a good career coach.

If you are interested in career coaching services we highly recommend Kelly Milner, she is an experienced recruiter who has worked in the space for many years. We are confident she can help guide you to your next role and career success. You can reach out to her at

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