Molebogeng Mahlaela

April 2020




  • App Design
  • UX/UI
  • User Research
  • UX/UI
  • Web Design



Create an APP that will ease the worries of people and update them on the Corona Virus.


Building something for Corona is unusual because there is no cure and also there isn't a way to control people or advise them and comfort them when they cannot be touched, due to social distancing.


So creating an APP that makes people feel like they still matter and that they are not alone. It can also help the government in tracking the people who are infected or possibly affected. This App helps people that are possibly infected, and are in isolation to send for a doctor to come and visit.


This APP is for everyone, isolation, self-distancing or even infected. It's helpful for people that are at home stressed on first time remote working because of things like a country being in Lockdown. Or those that are affected financially in this detrimental state of our lives.

Design System

Wireframes and freehand to demonstrate what the APP would look like when its created. Use trustworthy colors.