Jovita Veckyte

April 2020




  • Product Design
  • Prototyping
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • UX/UI
  • UX/UI



Workers need a better way to keep physically active and connected with their colleagues while they work from home and the city is on lockdown.


From the research, I learned that people tend to be competitive and they gain more motivation to do something if they know that their friends, colleagues or family members are achieving bigger goals than they do.


Active From Home App (AFH) is a native mobile app that allows members to do various activities from home and helps to stay connected with colleagues.


Firstly, I did some of the research about challenges that people who work remotely now face in their life's. By conducted survey, I found out that most of the workers facing the same problem - that they have less motivation to stay physically active, they working even longer hours and they don't feel that connected with other colleagues as they cannot communicate with them in real. As long as the target audience is very wide I used JTBD framework to find create the user flow. One of the JTBD: When working remotely I want to challenge my colleagues so I can do various activities. Later, I started to sketch some screens of the user flow on paper and did some feature prioritization exercises to move on wireframes and prototyping. Did the first version of the prototype which I took to conducted usability testing. In the beginning, I was focusing only on running, but after some usability testing, I received the feedback, that in these conditions users are looking for more flexibility

Design System

To measure sizes of different designs I used Fibonacci design system. I used the FIBO Design system to measure typography, layouts, elements, spacing, and angles. For colour, I used a different system. For typography, I chose Century Gothic pro font family. Depending on size changed text styles from bold to regular. For the colour system, I was inspired by outside environment colours. The top is the sky and the bottom is ground, grass. Colours would be changed with different seasons, for first prototype I coloured everything with spring’s colours. The top is the sunset as workers running after work when the sun goes down. Green is grass, as it is spring. As I have received a lot of feedback on colours, I have checked the colour contract and minimized the weight of coloured elements. Did some variations with opacity to indicate active and unactive design elements.

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