Amanda Anindya

October 2019

Squarespace Studio



  • Prototyping
  • UI Design
  • Web Design



For freelance and independent photographers, finding clients can be difficult but these are the people that clients who don't want to deal with agent fees wants to work with. This app is created to cater both the needs of clients and photographers.


Most clients tend to search for agencies and the only way for photographers to get noticed is through independent account on Social Media such as Instagram or portfolio websites like Squarespace.


This app lets clients discover photographers from their Squarespace website portfolio so they can communicate and work with them directly with transparency.


Clients should have a Squarespace account to use the app however, accounts for clients and artists are different where clients will show reviews and how the projects are implemented in their business (or other needs) while artists (in this case, photographers) shows their skills and assets that is accessible in their Squarespace portfolio website in photography and gives end product that suits the customer needs. Clients will then create a project brief by typing in details and clicking categories for faster data input. After client choose the photographer, they can discuss about budget, timeline and other details in the build-in chat system in the app. For ease of mind on both ends, clients will need to pay for the first half of the agreed fee before they start the project (no refund) and pay the rest after they receive the end product. Client can give feedback and track the progress of the project in app.

Design System

Using style that is similar to Squarespace: Simple and Bold to show the relevance of the app to Squarespace. The minimalistic colours of white and black are classic, never-ending but bold in contrast. Since the product being offered is photography, using black and white can shift the focus of the audience to the photos than anywhere else and still having clarity in the text by using Helvetica Neue so the audience don't lose focus in the written detail either.

It's not goodbye, it's see you later!

We have decided to sunset our Dream Projects Career Coaching service until we can properly devote our time and attention to this space. We feel passionate about helping young designers achieve their dreams and know that building a great portfolio is the first step. However, it requires a lot of time and attention to each individual and for that we strongly recommend a good career coach.

If you are interested in 1:1 career coaching there are many specialist that can help you one on one. However, if you would like a thoughtful review of your candidacy and some feedback about your resume, portfolio and presentation skills please apply to roles at

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