Molebogeng Mahlaela

October 2019

Squarespace Studio



  • App Design
  • Prototyping
  • User Research
  • UX/UI
  • UX/UI



Mobile App that will enable users to book a professional photographer for their product photography showcased on their personal Squarespace site. Users will start by filling out a project brief, evaluate photographers, send their products to the studio, track the progress of the process, receive.


Create an App for User to find professional photographers according to their categories and book them , and be able to track the process of their image delivery as well as the approval from the photographer with the available date and time.


I build an App that makes it easy for User to find a Photographers and book them for a certain event , they can recommend and also see their rating and rates.


I drew everything for a web based Application and made it for Mobile . The Photographers are able to upload their images and get booked by the user. The User also is able to choose the photographer wanted for a particular job and track the process of the images deliver and make recommendations after shoot.

Design System

So the User is able to go book the Photographer with the images he/she has worked on before seeing their profile. And is able to book a photographer and choose the time, dates and location and will get a notification from the App once the photographer has confirmed with the User.

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